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How You Can Find Repossessed Cars For Free (with a Little Work)

Where to find repossessed cars – and how!

Among the many dubious sites, a couple of the services do actually deliver and offer excellent value for money with up-to-date information on helping you to find repossessed cars in areas local to you. They list police and bank repossessed cars, government fleet surplus and seized cars, trucks and motorcycles. They also list a whole lot of other repossessed goods such as real estate and household content, boats, planes and other assets. Not only that, but one that I know of has free guides and tutorials on how exactly to go about bidding on and securing your dream vehicle. This information is worth the yearly sign-up fee alone.

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The reason that they can offer this service is because they have a team of people, working behind the scenes, doing a lot of the research on your behalf and maintaining a large database. Unless you’ve got the connections, it’s unlikely that you’re going to do as good a job as what they’re doing at finding those difficult to find repossessed cars auctions.

But remember, these companies are working on the scale of the US, state by state, to maintain their database and connections. Your state-map on this site will have the best listings and information on how and where to find repossessed cars in YOUR STATE.

So if you think you want to go it alone and put in the work that it will take for you to find these auctions (Not the online ones – they’re far too hit and miss!) here’s a few tips for you:

The Best Tip: Literally save thousands on your next car for the price of a night’s takeaway for two.

· Call all the Credit Unions in your town – ask what they do with repossessed vehicles. If they auction them off to the public, ask to be put on a mailing list or get hold of a contact that you can call or e-mail on a regular basis for updates.

· If you can get a rapport with this contact you may get the lowdown on what is or might be coming in before it is advertized and get time to research the vehicles upfront.

· If they outsource the auctioning, again, get hold of the company name and contact them. Find out when their auctions are held and if they handle repossessed cars for any other companies or agencies.

Find repossessed cars live and online

Find repossessed cars live and online

· Go through the same procedure with your Local police departments and banks. Obviously bigger towns/cities entail more repossessions so don’t think too local. Try your nearest city.

· It’s always worth calling government agencies transport section to see if they have any fleet cars coming up for renewal or retirement. These are often well-maintained vehicles that they want to get rid of quickly due to storage and management costs. Again find out if they directly auction to the public or who they use as a 3rd party.

· Try Google Maps or Yellow pages online for public auto auctions – this will yield a large amount of websites or local companies to call. Again it’s work, but you might hit the jackpot.

· Set yourself up on Google Alerts for “Repossessed Cars Auction” or some other relevant search terms. These are often advertised online but are really quite difficult to find. You will need to refine your search term well and specifically if you don’t want your e-mail flooded with poorly written articles selling the 3rd rate online products.

· Check out my listings by state and either Google the company name to see if they have a website or call them directly to ask if they hold public auto auctions and specifically repo sales. Use CTRL F on page to search for your town.

· Go to my recommended link anyway, if only to check out their information packed site and to get hold of their FREE 5 day auction guide. Nobody that I’ve recommended them to has been disappointed. The testimonials on the site speak for themselves.  Check Them Out Here!

Good luck in your hunt to find repossessed cars and keep coming back for more updates, tips, advice and information about repossessed cars.

For more tips on how to find repossessed cars for free – Try Repossessed Cars By State

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What does the law say on repossessed cars?

Posted by admin on January 12, 2010
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Having your car repossessed can be a traumatic event. You need to know the law and, in particular, the law in your state, to know what you might be up against. The law as laid out in New York is as follows. It is generally the same in many states but it is worth checking for particulars in your area.

If you fail to keep up payments on your vehicle, the creditor has the right to repossess the car immediately.

They do not have to give any notice and may seize the car as long as they do not breach the peace and as long as they proceed in a reasonabe manner.

Usually, this would mean a period of grace where contact is made and all reasonable attempts are made to settle the debt. However, YOU CANNOT RELY ON THIS!

The creditor does not even have to involve the courts. They could, potentially, arrive to repossess the car immediately that a default has been made on repayment. Defaults will be defined in the contract that you have with the lender so ensure that you are aware of these.

Please note your rights in the event of repossession. This following is quoted from the Better Business Bureau concerning repossessed cars and repossessed vehicles seizure in New York. Note: this may differ in other states!

Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles

New York law requires a creditor who repossesses your motor vehicle or motorcycle to notify you personally, or by special delivery first class mail, within 24 hours of such repossession. Such notice must also be given to the nearest motor vehicle district office and must include the name and address of the person, firm, or corporation repossessing the vehicle.

If your motor vehicle or motorcycle is being held under a lien for repairs or storage, the holder of the vehicle must return to you any registration plates for such vehicle upon your request within 24 hours. If the creditor fails to do this, he/she must personally deliver or mail by special delivery first class mail, a notice of such holding and the number plates of such motor vehicle or motorcycle to the nearest motor vehicle office.


Why You MUST Find Out About Buying Repossessed Cars at Auction

Posted by admin on November 04, 2009
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If you’re struggling with money at the moment but still need a car for the essentials such as work, family and school, then you’re going to want to check out this alternative but little known source of cheap, bargain used cars – repossessed cars auctions.

Even if you’ve not been hit particularly hard by recent economic events, imagine finding that dream bargain car, which you always thought was out of your price range, at a public car auction for thousands of dollars off the Kelley Blue Book price.

People in the know are tapping into this goldmine of luxury SUVs, sedans, trucks, 4 x 4s and motorcycles and digging out real golden nuggets – and there could be a public auction on right now in your town and you wouldn’t even know about it!

From Nevada to New Jersey, the sad fact is that car repossessions have been on the increase for the past couple of years and are still growing. Banks, Credit Unions, Police and Government agencies have been seizing cars from criminals or repossessing vehicles for non payment. They are also putting ex-fleet cars up for sale which are well maintained and going for ridiculously low prices. There are crazy deals to be had when you make the effort to seek out these public car auctions.

Its hard work to find these auctions, though, and that’s why it seems almost mythical to hear about John Doe across the street who managed to pick up his 2005 Ford Ranger for $9000 – that’s about $4k off the Kelley price!! It was not even damaged.

Other folks struggling to buy a car at all, have managed to find decent quality, perfectly good vehicles for as little as $100. These are also not scrap heap items, but ex-fleet vehicles and other such well-maintained autos. The cars are there in plenty but they are not well advertised so you need to seize this chance to get yourself into the front of the line.

The aim of these repossessed cars auctions is to offload all of the cars as quickly as possible and no matter what the cost – the Government agencies and credit people just want to cover costs and really have neither the time, people nor space to manage such large stockpiles of vehicles. This is why you need to grab your chance and make sure that you are one of the lucky people in the know.

You could spend days looking online at local car auction websites, or phoning around government offices and credit unions before you find an auction that is open to the public and not dealer-only. There is plenty of information online to help you to do just that – and the repository of public car auction information is growing daily – but this takes time and you don’t know what you might be missing on.

Alternatively, you can try one of the well-trusted, respected and highly recommended websites, which will hand all of the information to you on a plate – unlike the scam sites which have dead links and never update their databases.

Around 75% of the information that these trusted sites will give – the real deal on auctions – simply cannot be found online at all. It is well worth investing in the small membership fee that they offer. As well as all relevant and up-to-the-minute information about local repossessed car auctions near you – they usually offer free tips and tricks of the trade plus full free training about what to expect and how to get the best out of the auctions that they will find for you – and they will find you that dream car! – just check out the testimonials.

What are you waiting for? You will make back the value of the small fee on your first bargain car at auction and probably save thousands on top of that. Heck you will probably spend the $30 odd dollars they charge on making the enquiries by yourself – never mind your time. And if you are not satisfied there is usually a full no questions asked money back guarantee – you have nothing to lose! Checkout this website now for everything you need to know about repossessed cars.

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Repossessed Cars – More Reasons To Go After Them

Posted by admin on October 21, 2009
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“If you’re like me, you’re always on the look out for a bargain.”

It’s tough out there at the moment. Anybody looking for a new car at the moment would perhaps be expecting, with the state of the current global economy, to find bargains galore at all the major dealers – but that’s generally not the case.

Repossessed Cars

Repossessed Cars

 Despite all the news of manufacturers cutting output and putting employees on smaller wages or cutting their working hours – and the amount of news items showing line after line of unsold cars at car storage depots at docksides and industrial estates, the squeeze doesn’t seem to be bringing much benefit to the man looking to buy.

So why are there not dealers screaming at you to get over to their lots and snap up unbelievable bargains? It’s because  the dealers are also feeling the pinch, and need every cent they can get their hands on.

There are ways, however, of picking up bargains on really good condition cars. In fact, this is one area where the recession has made an impact – an increase in repossessed cars and other surplus vehicles that are consistently being sold off at real discount around the country in car auctions. One person’s downfall could be your windfall, but don’t feel too bad about it. Many of these cars for sale are seized from criminals. Of course, many are bank repos and a lot of them are a direct result of the economic downturn. But again, if you don’t snap up these bargain cars, somebody else will. So what have you got to lose? In fact, by contributing to the economy in any way at all you may well be contributing to the next fiscal upturn.

Repossessed Cars

Repossessed Cars

Make sure you find the best route to getting these bargain cars by using a trusted website that has the track record to deliver. OK, so there may be a small outlay, but the information you will get is second to none and the money back guarantee makes it a no-brainer. Check out this site – you have nothing to lose and, just possibly, your new dream car to gain: Repossessed Cars