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Repossessed Cars in Utah

Posted by admin on March 11, 2010
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There are a number of ways of getting hold of repossessed cars in Utah. Traditionally, places that get hold of the repo cars like police departments, government agencies, credit unions or those dealers that represent these bodies advertize locally in the press or on the radio.

More and more, it is possible to find repossessed cars auctions being promoted online, in classified ads and at auction websites. But it is by no means an easy task to seek out repossessed cars in Utah in this way. I have listed below a number of resources that hold car auctions but they are not always repossessed cars and so the deals are not always as good. Don’t get me wrong, it is still possible to get great deals this way.

I would suggest phoning these auction places in your area (use ctrl “f” to search the page for your town or city). Ask them what kind of auctions they hold, especially ask if they deal with bank repossessed cars, seized cars or ex-agency fleet cars. These are often the best bargain cars to be had as they are usually in good condition.

Many of these places will have a mailing list or will get in touch with you if you show an interest and want to leave your contact details. Try also the credit unions in your local town. They often outsource the sale of repossessed cars to local dealers but they can give you the lowdown on when a new lot will be on offer.

In Utah, like in all other states there are some auctions that are public auto auctions but others that are dealer only. A good trick, if possible, is to get friendly with a dealer who can get you into these.

Attending a number of these auctions will give you confidence and show you how they work. It’s always worth doing some homework on the kind of car you want and what price would be a good price. Lok up the book price (Kelly Blue Book) and this will give you an idea of what you should to pay at the top end. Many folk who manage to get hold of repossessed cars are saving thousands on even this price so it is well worth persevering and doing some research.

As you may have noted above, getting hold of repossessed cars in Utah might mean you have to do a little digging around and will take a little work but it is always worth the effort.

One last thing you might try is a particular website that is the most trusted and popular online for the sole purpose of saving you thousands on your next car. They have a database of thousands of auctions all over the country (both LIVE and online). Your best chance of a real deal is always going to be at a live auction. For a small membership fee, they will hand to you on a plate all the information that you need to secure great bargains on repossessed cars. They even teach you fully about attending auctions and how to secure the deal with a totally FREE five day tutorial guide. This alone would probably save you thousands without even signing up for the membership.

For the price of a meal out for the evening you could be saving thousand on your next vehicle!!

Look them up HERE (the tutorial is free and well worth it even if you don’t want to pay for membership)

Now go out into Utah and grab those bargain repossessed cars at prices you never dreamed of!! Happy Hunting!

Here is another site that gives you a free trial. You should try The Government Auctions website, where you can sign up for a free trial and check for repos and government surplus cars in your area. Just sign up for the free trial – you can cancel after a couple of days if you don’t find what you’re looking for but there are some great bargains to be found there – Click the picture below to see what they have to offer.




Copart Salvage Auto Auctions

170 West Center Street, North Salt Lake, UT (801) 294-3000‎


Insurance Auto Auctions Inc

1100 West 1800 South, Logan, UT (801) 399-2818‎


Recovery Tow, LLC.

77 West 700 South, Smithfield, UT (435) 770-0064‎


Utah Public Auto Auction

566 Delong Street, Salt Lake City, UT (801) 956-2886‎


Auto Auction of America

5443 Commerce Drive, Murray, UT (801) 270-0900‎


Brasher’s Salt Lake Auto Auction

780 S 5600 W, Salt Lake City, UT (801) 322-1234‎


Southern Utah Auto Auction

150 East 1160 South, St George, UT (435) 688-2244‎


Insurance Auto Auctions Inc

1800 South 1100 West, Ogden, UT (801) 621-5404‎


Manheim Utah

1650 West 500 South, Woods Cross, UT (801) 298-7900‎


Auto Auction of Utah

1157 North State Street, Orem, UT (801) 225-8258‎


Willey Automotive Group

1800 South Main Street, Bountiful, UT (801) 335-3229‎


Picasso Motors

441 West Main Street, Lehi, UT (801) 653-1699‎


Direct Auto Auction

730 State Street, Clearfield, UT (801) 820-6286‎


Rex Higley Auction & Sales

1052 W 21st St, Ogden, UT (801) 627-5847‎


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