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How To Buy Repossessed Cars Easily Online

Posted by admin on October 12, 2009
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How To Find Repossessed Cars Easily Online

With the current economic climate, people are rightly looking for ways to decrease their spending on everyday items. The necessity for most families to have a car for work or school is, sadly, a fact of life. You may have heard of people managing to get first rate deals on cars bought from government or police vehicle auctions and some of the figures bandied about seem incredible! However, it is possible to get discounts of 70% – 90% on almost new cars ranging from SUVs to luxury collectables. These folks are not exaggerating. Literally thousands of dollars can be saved if you know how and where to look for repossessed cars – and the search can be made even easier now by doing this online from the comfort of your own home.

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So where do these vehicles come from? Well, various agencies such as the IRS, DEA, FBI and homeland security regularly auction off surplus, unclaimed or even seized properties and vehicles, often from criminals. Banks and other financial institutions also repossess properties and cars from owners who cannot pay or fall behind with payments. In most cases these institutions try to offload these cars as quickly as possible and almost always at well-reduced prices as they cannot afford to pay for storage, and in the case of the vendors, they only need to recoup cost price, not necessarily retail price. The management of such a vast amount of inventory is also next-to-impossible so this is another reason for offloading to the public quickly and cheaply at local auctions. And quite simply, these government agencies are not in the business of making a profit. Another addition to this large influx of vehicles can be from the agencies’ own fleets when they are renewed or completely exchanged for a new range of vehicles.
Most repossessed cars are usually in great condition. They are not there because they have been in accidents or because they need repair. They are usually low mileage, almost new cars, that the previous owner could not keep the downpayments going for. Previous agency fleet cars are also very well maintained and in all cases the documents, service history and Carfax reports are all included in the sale. These agencies are not going to rip you off with a dodgy car-crash-waiting-to-happen.
There are several ways to find out where these auctions are taking place, but they are not always well-advertised. In pre-internet days, car bargains could be found by looking for local ads in magazines or local listings, or a list of auctions could be acquired from government publishing offices. These days the most effective way to find auctions and even to bid online for repossessed cars is by using a reputable website. Beware, there are a number of scam-type sites out there that offer the world but in reality just introduce you to dead or outdated links or will take your money and then give you access to a poorly populated database. It’s possible to find cars being auctioned at places like e-bay, but these are just your run-of-the-mill vendors selling cars on there like everything else. You need to seek out the government auction specialist sites if you really want to find the bargains. Sites that point you to the actual real-life auctions in your area are the way to go. Here are some tips for attending these auctions and how to get the best results from them:

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 Top Tips For Finding Repossessed Cars Easily

  • Attend auctions in bad weather – the worst weather – the better! People don’t like standing around bidding in the rain.
  • Attend week-day auctions – less people about than the weekends
  • Attend the auction with somebody who knows about cars, maintenance and car mechanics.
  • Arrive first. Get a rapport with the organizers and get the lowdown on what’s coming in. Get to personally know the agency’s representative if possible.
  • Know your target car book price and stick to a set budget. Auctions can be very enticing.
  • Check the preferred payment method beforehand. Some auctions will have an upper limit for cash for example.
  • Do not go bidder crazy. Remember this is real cash. Stick to your limit and don’t get carried away. There is always another auction.
repossessed cars

repossessed cars

If you’re looking for that dream car that you never thought you could afford then buying repossessed cars might just make that dream come true.  Repossessed Cars are still out there in huge numbers – grab yours today!

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How You Can Find Repossessed Cars For Free (with a Little Work)

Where to find repossessed cars – and how!

Among the many dubious sites, a couple of the services do actually deliver and offer excellent value for money with up-to-date information on helping you to find repossessed cars in areas local to you. They list police and bank repossessed cars, government fleet surplus and seized cars, trucks and motorcycles. They also list a whole lot of other repossessed goods such as real estate and household content, boats, planes and other assets. Not only that, but one that I know of has free guides and tutorials on how exactly to go about bidding on and securing your dream vehicle. This information is worth the yearly sign-up fee alone.

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The reason that they can offer this service is because they have a team of people, working behind the scenes, doing a lot of the research on your behalf and maintaining a large database. Unless you’ve got the connections, it’s unlikely that you’re going to do as good a job as what they’re doing at finding those difficult to find repossessed cars auctions.

But remember, these companies are working on the scale of the US, state by state, to maintain their database and connections. Your state-map on this site will have the best listings and information on how and where to find repossessed cars in YOUR STATE.

So if you think you want to go it alone and put in the work that it will take for you to find these auctions (Not the online ones – they’re far too hit and miss!) here’s a few tips for you:

The Best Tip: Literally save thousands on your next car for the price of a night’s takeaway for two.

· Call all the Credit Unions in your town – ask what they do with repossessed vehicles. If they auction them off to the public, ask to be put on a mailing list or get hold of a contact that you can call or e-mail on a regular basis for updates.

· If you can get a rapport with this contact you may get the lowdown on what is or might be coming in before it is advertized and get time to research the vehicles upfront.

· If they outsource the auctioning, again, get hold of the company name and contact them. Find out when their auctions are held and if they handle repossessed cars for any other companies or agencies.

Find repossessed cars live and online

Find repossessed cars live and online

· Go through the same procedure with your Local police departments and banks. Obviously bigger towns/cities entail more repossessions so don’t think too local. Try your nearest city.

· It’s always worth calling government agencies transport section to see if they have any fleet cars coming up for renewal or retirement. These are often well-maintained vehicles that they want to get rid of quickly due to storage and management costs. Again find out if they directly auction to the public or who they use as a 3rd party.

· Try Google Maps or Yellow pages online for public auto auctions – this will yield a large amount of websites or local companies to call. Again it’s work, but you might hit the jackpot.

· Set yourself up on Google Alerts for “Repossessed Cars Auction” or some other relevant search terms. These are often advertised online but are really quite difficult to find. You will need to refine your search term well and specifically if you don’t want your e-mail flooded with poorly written articles selling the 3rd rate online products.

· Check out my listings by state and either Google the company name to see if they have a website or call them directly to ask if they hold public auto auctions and specifically repo sales. Use CTRL F on page to search for your town.

· Go to my recommended link anyway, if only to check out their information packed site and to get hold of their FREE 5 day auction guide. Nobody that I’ve recommended them to has been disappointed. The testimonials on the site speak for themselves.  Check Them Out Here!

Good luck in your hunt to find repossessed cars and keep coming back for more updates, tips, advice and information about repossessed cars.

For more tips on how to find repossessed cars for free – Try Repossessed Cars By State

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Texas Repossessed Cars

Posted by admin on March 06, 2010
Texas Repossessed Cars / Comments Off


One of the best ways to find repossessed cars in Texas is probably to use the old tried and tested methods of calling the repo companies, credit unions, police departments and government agencies to see if they have repossessed cars for sale at upcoming auctions. They sometimes advertize these auctions but it can be a hit and miss affair whether you’ll get to know about them in time.

I’ve listed many companies in Texas that might be involved with repossessed cars sales below. Use “ctrl F” to search for your town. Mostly these are public auto auctions, but not all some are dealers only.

There’s a great site that provides all of the repossessed cars auction information for you right to your computer and lists thousands of live and online auctions at the touch of a button taking all of the hard work and time out of it for you. Check out their site and look at the testimonials. For a small one-off fee (and there is a March special offer!) you get amazing value and you’re almost guaranteed to save thousand on your next car.

Here is another site that gives you a free trial. You should try The Government Auctions website, where you can sign up for a free trial and check for repos and government surplus cars in your area. Just sign up for the free trial – you can cancel after a couple of days if you don’t find what you’re looking for but there are some great bargains to be found there – Click the picture below to see what they have to offer.




Check them out today by clicking here!


MCT Credit Union (Repos Car Sales)
94 North LHS Dr, Lumberton, TX (409) 751-4425


America’s Auto Auction 

219 N Loop, Irving, TX (972) 445-2052‎



12838 South Post Oak Road, HOUSTON, TX (713) 589-4570‎


Lubbock Auto Auction 

1122 East 34th Street, Lubbock, TX (806) 744-1444‎


Manheim Houston 

14450 West Road, Houston, TX (281) 890-4300‎


Adesa Impact 

204 Mars Road, Wilmer, TX (972) 525-6505‎


Texas Lone Star Auto Auction

2205 Country Club Drive, Carrollton, TX (214) 483-3597‎


Trinity Public Auto Auction

241 West Commerce Street, Dallas, TX (214) 747-7653‎


Insurance Auto Auction

204 Mars Road, Wilmer, TX (972) 525-6401‎


Cleburne Auto Auction

3825 North Main Street, Cleburne, TX (817) 645-0003‎


Greater Tyler Auto Auction

11654 State Highway 64 West, Tyler, TX (903) 597-2800‎


Houston Auto Auction

6730 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX (713) 644-4036‎


USA Auto Auction

3208 10th Avenue, Amarillo, TX (806) 374-8984‎


Copart Auto Auction

2630 Farm-to-Market 3034, Abilene, TX (325) 676-2996‎


Abilene Salvage

Abilene, TX (325) 675-0699‎


Lakeside Auto Auction

1810 East Interstate 30, Rockwall, TX972) 771-9919


Victoria Auto Auction

835 Industrial Park Drive, Victoria, TX (361) 576-0058‎


Heart of Texas Auto Auction

2508 Marlin Highway, Waco, TX (254) 755-7713‎


Sound Works

6301 McCart Avenue, Fort Worth, TX (817) 346-3114‎

I-10 Auto Auction-San Antonio

1903 FM 1516 N, San Antonio, TX (210) 661-0100

Irving Auto Auction

219 N Loop, Irving, TX (972) 445-1044‎


Kare Free Auto Auction

11990 North Central Expressway, Dallas, TX, (972) 231-3305‎


Mass Auto Auction

2042 Ackerman Road, San Antonio, TX (210) 662-3142‎


Canyon Lake Auction Co

17290 Farm-to-Market 306, Canyon Lake, TX (830) 935-2664‎


Adesa Austin

2108 Ferguson Lane, Austin, TX(512) 873-2400


The Collector Car Auction

1001 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston, TX (573) 263-9439‎


United Auto Auction

9605 Galveston Road, Houston, TX (713) 948-0001‎


Insurance Auto Auction Inc

2535 West Mount Houston Road, Houston, TX (281) 847-4700‎


Adesa Houston

4526 North Sam Houston Parkway West, Houston, TX (281) 580-1800‎


Central Cities Auction Pool

7201 South General Bruce Drive, Temple, TX (254) 778-1111‎


Dealer Auto Auction of Dallas Inc

2717 Main Street, Dallas, TX (972) 339-4100


Goodwill Industries of Central Texas: Auto Auction

8703 Lava Hill Road, Austin, TX (512) 748-1340‎


Robertson Auto Auction

West 10th Street, Del Rio, TX (830) 775-7587‎


Copart of Texas

950 Blue Mound Road, Haslet, TX (817) 439-9900‎


Adesa Dallas

3501 North Lancaster Hutchins Road, Hutchins, TX (972) 288-7585‎


El Paso County Government Sheriff’s Department: Abandoned Auto Auction

800 East Overland Avenue, El Paso, TX (915) 538-2291‎


Taylor & Martin

803 Green Brook Drive, Allen, TX (469) 675-0154‎


Metro Auto Auction

8605 Cullen Ln, Austin, TX (512) 282-7900


CM Company Auctions

2258 South Treadaway Boulevard, Abilene, TX (325) 677-3555‎


Texoma Auto Auction

2206 Sheppard Access Road, Wichita Falls, TX (940) 720-0435‎


Plaza Auto Auction

13701 C F Hawn Freeway, Dallas, TX (972) 913-1414‎


United Auto Auction

2909 East State Highway 71, La Grange, TX (979) 249-3514‎


South Texas Auto Auction

501 East Nolana Loop, Pharr, TX (956) 781-1431‎


Gulf Coast Auto Auction

450 South 11th Street, Beaumont, TX (409) 840-6000‎


City of Irving Auto Auction

845 West Irving Boulevard, Irving, TX (972) 721-2631‎


Copart Salvage Auto Auctions

3200 Agnes Street, Corpus Christi, TX (361) 884-9260‎


Insurance Auto Auction

1000 Dalton Lane, Austin, TX (512) 385-3126‎


Larry Dickerson Auctioneers

903 Elm Street, Texarkana, TX (903) 793-2841‎


Rod Robertson Enterprises

350 Colima Street, Gregory, TX(361) 643-7760


I 35 Auto Auction

4501 South General Bruce Drive, Temple, TX (254) 774-9987‎


Car Auctions San Antonio

2594 Ackerman Road, San Antonio, TX (210) 338-1228‎


Mccombs Auto Auction

1930 Southeast Military Drive, San Antonio, TX (210) 531-3060‎


Fort Worth Auctions

777 Taylor Street, Fort Worth, TX (817) 484-6621‎


Lufkin Dealers Auto Auction

2109 North John Redditt Drive, Lufkin, TX (936) 632-4290‎


Copart Salvage Auto Auctions

1655 Rankin Road, Houston, TX (281) 214-7800‎


Goodwill Auto Auction

12960 Camino Real, Niederwald, TX (512) 637-7570


Copart Salvage Auto Auctions

950 Blue Mound Road, Haslet, TX (817) 231-4500‎


Auto Advisor

409 Bolliger Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX (817) 800-0983‎


Texan’s Auto Auction

McKinney, TX (972) 548-0044‎


Midway Auto Auction

2800 Franklin Avenue, Waco, TX (254) 756-1234‎


Midway Auto Auction

15735 North Interstate Highway 35, Elm Mott, TX (254) 829-0123‎


Luna’s Auto Sales

2726 Lombardy Lane, Dallas, TX (972) 241-6144‎


Robertson Leasing Corporation

7305 San Dario Avenue, Laredo, TX (956) 723-5800‎


Austin Auctions

401 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX (512) 501-1336‎


Carmel Auctions

1002 Lone Star Drive, Cedar Park, TX (512) 788-2345‎


Big State Auto Auction

6657 US Highway 80 West, Abilene, TX (325) 698-4391‎


Manheim Texas Hobby

8215 Kopman Drive, Houston, TX, (713) 649-8233


Leather Trim USA

16530 Westgrove Drive, Addison, TX (877) 380-4872‎


Lewisville Auto Auction Inc

1836 Midway Road, Lewisville, TX (972) 492-0071‎


D F w Auto Auction

12101 Trinity Boulevard, Euless, TX (817) 399-4000‎


Wichita Falls Auto Auction

1036 East Fort Worth Street, Wichita Falls, TX (940) 723-6753‎


Sparkling City Auto Auction

4501 US Highway 77, Robstown, TX (361) 767-4100‎


Karefree Auto Auction

1401 South Walton Walker Boulevard, Irving, TX (972) 870-5322‎


I 45 Dealers Auto Auction

4888 North Ih 45, Wilmer, TX (972) 525-3399‎


Insurance Auto Auction

4701 Agnes Street, Corpus Christi, TX (361) 881-9555‎


Manheim Metro Dallas

2717 East Main Street, Grand Prairie, TX (972) 339-4100‎


El Paso Auto Auction

485 Coates Drive, El Paso, TX (915) 581-0700‎


American TV Network

416 North Cockrell Hill Road, Dallas, TX (214) 339-2404‎


American Auto Auction

1440 FM 3083 Road, Conroe, TX (936) 788-2881‎


Insurance Auto Auctions Inc

16602 East Hardy Road, Houston, TX (281) 443-1300‎


Highway 69 Auto Auction

10707 US Highway 69 N, Tyler, TX (903) 595-8969‎


Midland Odessa Auto Auction

2521 North Marco Avenue, Odessa, TX (432) 367-3063‎


I 35 Auto Auction of Belton

212 East Loop 121, Belton, TX (254) 939-0100‎


Copart Salvage Auto Auctions

505 Idlewild Road, Grand Prairie, TX (972) 264-2475‎


Ford Auction Sales

7801 E Interstate 40, Amarillo, TX (806) 345-5615‎



14001 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX (972) 934-6565‎


Beaumont Dealers Auction

12151 Highway 90, Beaumont, TX (409) 866-5677‎


North Texas Auto Auction

165 West Center Street, Paris, TX (903) 783-0450‎


Copart Inc

11130 Applewhite Road, San Antonio, TX (210) 628-1690‎


Dallas Auctions

500 North Akard Street, Dallas, TX (469) 713-1088‎


Adesa San Antonio

200 South Callaghan Road, San Antonio, TX (210) 434-4999‎


Classic Consignment

1409 Interstate 45 North, Conroe, TX (936) 539-1001‎


Gregg County Auto Auction

5159 W Loop 281 S, Longview, TX (903) 758-5278‎


Insurance Auto Auctions

5577 Highway 80 East, Longview, TX (903) 553-9248‎


Texas Auto Superstore

5119 Ashley Ct., Houston, TX (713) 896-0333‎


Varsity Ford Lincoln Mercury

2300 Highway 21 East, Bryan, TX (979) 778-3408‎


Wfaa Enterprises

1036 East Fort Worth Street, Wichita Falls, TX (940) 723-6753‎


Reno Auto Auction Inc

6920 Lamar Road, Reno, TX (903) 785-0955‎


Highway 19 Auto Auction

4163 Texas Highway 19 S, Sulphur Springs, TX (903) 485-2808‎


Lewisville Auto Auction Inc

Carrollton, TX (972) 492-0100‎


Dallas Car Auctions

5272 West Kiest Boulevard, Dallas, TX (214) 613-7946‎


Copart Auto Auction

501 Valley Chili Road, Anthony, TX (915) 886-5757‎


Insurance Auto Auction

14651 West Gateway Boulevard, El Paso, TX (915) 852-2489‎


ABS Auto Auctions

9645 North Freeway, Houston, TX (281) 260-8311


Sadisco Dallas

901 South Main Street, Ferris, TX (972) 842-2470‎


Copart Salvage Auto Auctions

301 N Mile 1 E, Mercedes, TX (956) 514-4840‎


San Antonio Auto Auction

2042 Ackerman Road, San Antonio, TX (210) 662-3621‎


Copart Salvage Auto Auctions

143 E Frontage Rd, Alamo, TX (956) 787-7669‎


Adesa San Antonio Salvage

200 South Callaghan Road, San Antonio, TX (210) 434-1131‎


Copart Salvage Auto Auctions

11130 Applewhite Road, San Antonio, TX (210) 628-1112


Texarkana Auto Auction

903 Elm Street, Texarkana, TX (903) 794-6925‎


Lone Star Auto Auction

2706 East Slaton Road, Lubbock, TX (806) 745-6606‎


PDS Auto Auctions

Dallas, TX (972) 247-9300‎


MAA Mc Allen Auto Auction

3116 Ash Avenue, Mcallen, TX (956) 630-5278‎


Houston Car Auction

945 McKinney Street Box 251, Houston, TX (888) 829-4296‎


Rio Concho Auto Auction

1602 South Oakes Street, San Angelo, TX (325) 655-4326‎


Nacogdoches Dealers Auto Auction

3009 Northwest Stallings Drive, Nacogdoches, TX (936) 560-1750‎


Car Auctions Houston

6786 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX (713) 575-8713‎


Auction Systems of Abilene

7700 US Highway 277, Abilene TX (325) 675-0699‎


Robertson Leasing Corporation

1802 Northwest Military Highway, San Antonio, TX (210) 375-7755‎


Copart Salvage Auto Auctions

3700 Old Union Road, Lufkin, TX (936) 639-3558‎


Insurance Auto Auctions Inc

10475 Somerset Road, San Antonio, TX (210) 623-1111‎


VK Auto Auction Wholesale

14173 n west fwy, houston, TX (281) 779-9496‎


America’s Auto Auction Center-Tx

24801 Interstate 35, Kyle, TX (512) 268-6600‎


Manheim Dallas

5333 West Kiest Boulevard, Dallas, TX (214) 467-5600‎


Copart Inc

Lufkin, TX (936) 639-5252‎


ABS Auto Auction

4608 West Wall Street, Midland, TX (432) 262-6157‎


Lone Star Auto Auction

510 East Little York Road, Houston, TX (713) 697-0022‎


Big H Auto Auction

14450 West Road, Houston, TX (281) 890-4300‎


Beaumont Salvage Pool Inc

7516 Shady Lane, Beaumont, TX (409) 866-0700‎


Copart Salvage Auto Auctions

3999 S Loop 335 East, Amarillo, TX (806) 335-3701‎


Cox Communication

485 Coates Drive, El Paso, TX (915) 833-9333‎


First Choice Auto Auction

825 Rankin Road, Houston, TX (281) 209-9183‎


Copart Salvage Auto Auctions

8725 North 35, New Braunfels, TX (830) 625-2030‎


Alsco Auto Auction Inc

312 East 2nd Street, Odessa, TX (432) 332-0361‎


Manheim Dallas

5333 West Kiest Boulevard, Dallas, TX (214) 330-1800‎


Metro Salvage Pool

825 Rankin Road, Houston, TX (281) 821-9500‎


Auto Buyers

137 Dallas Road, Wylie, TX (469) 853-7572


Adesa Dallas

103 Gross Road, Mesquite, TX (972) 288-5461‎


Houston Auctions

910 Louisiana Street, Houston, TX (713) 493-7375‎



301 Mile 5 1/2 North, Mercedes, TX (956) 514-5345‎



3046 Old State Highway 155, Longview, TX (903) 643-9705

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Security Service Federal Credit Union
16211 La Cantera Parkway, San Antonio, TX (210) 476-4610

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