Arizona Repossessed Cars

How You Can Find Repossessed Cars For Free (with a Little Work)

Where to find repossessed cars – and how!

Among the many dubious sites, a couple of the services do actually deliver and offer excellent value for money with up-to-date information on helping you to find repossessed cars in areas local to you. They list police and bank repossessed cars, government fleet surplus and seized cars, trucks and motorcycles. They also list a whole lot of other repossessed goods such as real estate and household content, boats, planes and other assets. Not only that, but one that I know of has free guides and tutorials on how exactly to go about bidding on and securing your dream vehicle. This information is worth the yearly sign-up fee alone.

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The reason that they can offer this service is because they have a team of people, working behind the scenes, doing a lot of the research on your behalf and maintaining a large database. Unless you’ve got the connections, it’s unlikely that you’re going to do as good a job as what they’re doing at finding those difficult to find repossessed cars auctions.

But remember, these companies are working on the scale of the US, state by state, to maintain their database and connections. Your state-map on this site will have the best listings and information on how and where to find repossessed cars in YOUR STATE.

So if you think you want to go it alone and put in the work that it will take for you to find these auctions (Not the online ones – they’re far too hit and miss!) here’s a few tips for you:

The Best Tip: Literally save thousands on your next car for the price of a night’s takeaway for two.

· Call all the Credit Unions in your town – ask what they do with repossessed vehicles. If they auction them off to the public, ask to be put on a mailing list or get hold of a contact that you can call or e-mail on a regular basis for updates.

· If you can get a rapport with this contact you may get the lowdown on what is or might be coming in before it is advertized and get time to research the vehicles upfront.

· If they outsource the auctioning, again, get hold of the company name and contact them. Find out when their auctions are held and if they handle repossessed cars for any other companies or agencies.

Find repossessed cars live and online

Find repossessed cars live and online

· Go through the same procedure with your Local police departments and banks. Obviously bigger towns/cities entail more repossessions so don’t think too local. Try your nearest city.

· It’s always worth calling government agencies transport section to see if they have any fleet cars coming up for renewal or retirement. These are often well-maintained vehicles that they want to get rid of quickly due to storage and management costs. Again find out if they directly auction to the public or who they use as a 3rd party.

· Try Google Maps or Yellow pages online for public auto auctions – this will yield a large amount of websites or local companies to call. Again it’s work, but you might hit the jackpot.

· Set yourself up on Google Alerts for “Repossessed Cars Auction” or some other relevant search terms. These are often advertised online but are really quite difficult to find. You will need to refine your search term well and specifically if you don’t want your e-mail flooded with poorly written articles selling the 3rd rate online products.

· Check out my listings by state and either Google the company name to see if they have a website or call them directly to ask if they hold public auto auctions and specifically repo sales. Use CTRL F on page to search for your town.

· Go to my recommended link anyway, if only to check out their information packed site and to get hold of their FREE 5 day auction guide. Nobody that I’ve recommended them to has been disappointed. The testimonials on the site speak for themselves.  Check Them Out Here!

Good luck in your hunt to find repossessed cars and keep coming back for more updates, tips, advice and information about repossessed cars.

For more tips on how to find repossessed cars for free – Try Repossessed Cars By State

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Arizona Repossessed Cars

Posted by admin on November 03, 2009
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Arizona Repossessed Cars and Car Auctions.

Information about repossessed cars, bargain cars and seized car auctions in Arizona. Although this is not the fastest way to find repossessed cars, used cars or quality cheap cars in the state of Arizona, I hope that this page can help you if you go down the longer route of trying each auction house manually. Using the following list you should be able to find some good car auctions of repo cars, trucks and motorcycles or at least get leads on those that are happening in your area. Try calling the companies below and asking if they host public car auctions. Many will be able to put you on their mailing list even if they do not have any in the immediate future. Use “Ctrl F” to search for your town or city on this page more quickly.

 To find repossessed car sales and government car auctions may require that you also call your local government offices, police departments and credit unions.

 I hope you find this information helpful and wish you luck in your search.

 To really cut back on your time and efforts why don’t you give the #1 cars auction website a go – for a very small fee you will save a lot of work and countless hours and will almost definitely save thousands of dollars on your next quality car:

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Here is another site that gives you a free trial. You should try The Government Auctions website, where you can sign up for a free trial and check for repos and government surplus cars in your area. Just sign up for the free trial – you can cancel after a couple of days if you don’t find what you’re looking for but there are some great bargains to be found there – Click the picture below to see what they have to offer.



Repossessed Auto Sales

953 S Country Club Dr, Mesa, AZ, (480) 969-3402


USA Fleet

1912 W Prince Rd, Tucson, AZ, (520) 730-9586


 Dealers Auto Auction of the Southwest

1433 S 19th Dr, Phoenix, AZ, (602) 253-7766


Arizona Used Cars

Phoenix Used Cars – 877-362-3634

Phoenix, AZ 


 Gooding and Company

2934 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ, (480) 361-1547


Leader Auto Auction‎  

2627 S 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ, (520) 882-0111



17212 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ, United States‎ – (480) 459-5803‎


Recreational Vehicles & Campers Repair Insurance Auto Auctions

4650 E Irvington Rd, Tucson, AZ, (520) 319-9393


Action Auto

2129 E 24th St, Yuma, AZ, (928) 344-1515


Copart Salvage Auto Auctions

615 S 51st Ave, Phoenix, AZ, (602) 484-7075


Arizona Auto Auction

3420 S 48th St, Phoenix, AZ, (480) 894-2400


Copart Salvage Auto Auctions

5600 S Arcadia Ave, Tucson, AZ, (520) 663-1900


Five Star Auto Auction

22213 N 21st Ave, Phoenix, AZ, (623) 535-7827


Arizona Charity Auto Auction

3138 W Durango St, Phoenix, AZ, (602) 269-3637


Adesa Phoenix

400 N Beck Ave, Chandler, AZ, (480) 961-1161


Tri-Star Auto Auction

22500 N 21st Ave, Phoenix, AZ, (623) 780-8688

Greater Phoenix Auto Auction

201 N 83rd Ave, Tolleson, AZ, (623) 907-7000


Metro Auto Auction

2475 S 59th Ave, Phoenix, AZ, (602) 279-9500


Click Here for the #1 Car Auction Website


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