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Where To Find Repossessed Cars In New York

Posted by admin on December 29, 2011
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When it’s time to look for a new car, you can find exceptionally good deals with a car that has been repossessed.  The economy is making it hard for people to keep up their payment, so their cars get taken back by the bank, credit union, and other financial entities that hold the loan.  Finding repossessed cars in New York is not hard, if you know where to look.

Financial institutions are not happy about repossessing cars because they sit on their books and tie up the money.  They usually have to take a depreciation and loss on interest when they take cars back.  So, they would rather not, but the easiest way for them to get rid of them and not lose money is to resell them for the price owed on them.  That’s where you can find the best deals.  Some cars are only a few months old or less than a year.  That makes it great for you because the car is almost brand new, plus the car doesn’t have very much mileage on it. 

Where To Find Repossessed Cars in New York

Most financial institutions use auction houses to sell the repossessed cars in New York. Since the financial institutions usually sell the car after 30 days of being repossessed, there are always cars at auctions.  The 30 days are to give the owner time to come up with the back payment, if they can. It also means the financial institution doesn’t have to store the cars.  You can find a fabulous discount on the car you want by keeping watch on auction houses.

They also have sales of repo cars in New York.  They run a classified ad in the local newspaper or send postcards to your house.  They have financial aid available or you can bring cash or have your own finance ready.  This is perfect for you if you’re looking for a certain type of car.  It may be used, but the mileage is usually low and they are in pretty decent shape.

You can also look at eBay for repossessed cars for sale in New York.  eBay is one of the biggest Internet auction houses for used automobiles.  They are trustworthy since eBay has strict rules and regulations on the autos sellers can put up for auction.

Another internet site that is extremely trustworthy is Yahoo! Autos.  They have a lot of repo cars in New York for sale.  Plus, you can pick them up locally, so there won’t be any shipping charges.

One of the better ways to find repossessed cars in New York is to use Motor Trend’s auto classifieds.  You can choose a repo car by model, color, body style, or price, and find a seller that is close to your location.  There are many ways to find repossessed cars in New York you just have to look around and keep your ears open.  Buying a repo car is an excellent way to save a lot of money on the auto of your choice.

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