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Where to Find Repossessed Cars for Sale

Posted by admin on July 29, 2010
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Looking For Repossessed Cars For Sale?

With the fast development of online media, repossessed cars for sale are no longer difficult to find. Online postings of sales on repossessed cars can now be easily browsed over the internet. There are in fact various sites that support the sales of such automobiles. Simply check those e-zines with auto classified sections, local bank sites with auction updates or credit union online hotspots where you can find details of auctions, biddings or even direct sales. Most of the time, these online spots reveal information not only about public sales but also about private auctions.
Another way to find repossessed cars for sale is to check bulletin board updates released by your nearest local government officials, usually police officers. Remember that most of the repossessed cars for sale on the market today come from those people who fail to fulfill their financial obligations. The retrieval of collaterals often involves the police or other local government units. Thus, it is just best to get updated from the press releases of these units. They will be reliable sources of the latest auctions or sales. Some even include schedules, venues and even brief summaries of the cars for sale.

Lastly, you should not disregard the old means of finding repossessed cars for sale. Newspapers, magazines and even phone books can as well help you find your most-coveted and practically-sold car. Sometimes government units, banks and reseller institutions or companies use the old form of advertising to attract attendees in auctions and direct sales. Magazines are as well utilized in a similar manner for a similar purpose. Also, there are phonebooks that the provide information and contact numbers of the institutions that are commonly involved in the sales of repossessed cars. If you do not have an idea which institutions should you contact, hasten the process by using the internet first.

Repossessed Cars For Sale


Federal Auto Auction – How To Super Save On Your Next Car

Posted by admin on July 05, 2010
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One of the best ways of getting hold of decent quality used cars is by attending and winning a bid on a used car at a federal auto auction. You may have heard of repo car auctions and seized vehicle auctions for cars, motorcycles, boats and even planes. These are most often held by credit unions or third party companies acting on their behalf.

“If your cash-starved wallet is groaning but you still want in on a state-of-the-art vehicle that will be the envy of your friends, this is probably the best route you could take.”

Federal Auto Auctions are another similar source of vehicles, but usually deal with surplus government fleet vehicles or assets seized by the federal government or otherwise forfeited in some way. The types of deals that you can get on affordable cars in these auctions varies, but you can get a real steal or, at the very least, well under regular wholesale prices. Cars, Minivans, SUVs and trucks are all sold at these auctions for truly knockdown prices, often up to 65% of book value.

To ensure that you get a bargain on a car at public auto auctions like this, you need to  check that the vehicles are Carfax certified clean titles. You’ll also want it to be listed  at below the Kelley Blue Book value as this will ensure that you’re getting a much better deal at the federal auto auction than you would at a used car dealer.

The reason that these cars sell so cheaply in nearly every state is because the agencies can use the money for other projects and do not have the space or want the management costs of hanging onto these assets for too long.

Many people have wised-up to this incredibly rich and varied source of quality used vehicles, but due to the poor economy, there are plenty of deals still to be had at federal auto auctions all over the U.S.

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